EQ-Train: Partners

With EQ-Train we want to contribute to an improvement in quality in the field of gender-sensitive vocational orientation. Our partners come from Italy, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Austrian experts in the areas of the labour market, equal treatment and education and training will support the project with their know-how and experience. Eleven public and private organisations cooperate with EQ-Train:

Overall project coordination:

The Network of Austrian Counselling Centres for Women and Girls is an
umbrella organisation of 53 counselling services for women and girls in all of Austria, coordinating their cooperation and networking with actors in the fields of society, economy and politics on a national level.

Operative partners:

ASPEKT was founded in 1995 and is the oldest feminist organization in Slovakia. For more than 15 years it has been carrying out activities aimed at raising awareness for gender issues in society, e.g. various publications, media productions, research, and political, educational and other campaigns.

SOFIA - Institute for Holistic and Applied Social Research is an independent, interdisciplinary research and counselling institute in Austria. A team of scientists and journalists works in the field of social studies and research projects as well as on their practical application in training programmes and lectures for all areas of society. The main aim is to promote gender democracy while taking into account social, cultural, economical and medical factors.

Gender Studies o.p.s. is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation in the Czech Republic that provides information, counselling and education in the field of relations between women and men and their position in society. The goal of the organisation is to gather, analyse, work with and disseminate further information related to gender-relevant issues.

I.C.M. - Instituto Canario de la Mujer (Canary Women's Institute) is a governmental organisation in charge of promoting the Canary Islandsí regional equal opportunities policies. Its main aim is to promote the necessary conditions for equality between women and men to be effective and real, regarding political, economic, cultural and social life.

CRAMARS is a vocational training centre and also a development agency with experience in gender related projects. It works in the North of Friuli, in the north-east of Italy, and it offers training courses and events to build up competencies and support young and adult people in finding job opportunities or in improving their career.

Strategic partners in Austria: