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EQ-Train is a project within the framework of the EU-programme Lifelong Learning (LLL): Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovations.

The project was financed by the European Union, the Austrian Cofinanciers were the Federal Ministry of Education and the Womens’ Ministry.

Duration of project

1.10.2008 - 30.9.2010

Project coordination

Network of Austrian Counselling Centres for Women and Girls
Gutenbergstraße 9/3
6020 Innsbruck
Tel&Fax: 0043-512-56 28 65
Contakt: Itta Tenschert
e-Mail: itta.tenschert@netzwerk-frauenberatung.at

Choice of profession (often) determines one's income.

EQ-Train: Background and aims of the project

In the course of this international project we would like to add new angles and emphases to the area of gender-sensitive vocational orientation. The focus will be on Equal Pay: (Un)Fairness in income between women and men is one of the central issues of equality politics today.

Inequality on the labour market has one of its roots in the choice of profession. The reasons why people choose a certain profession or type of education or training have a lot to do with traditional gender roles: Professions in the technical sector are still seen as "the man's domain", whereas "supporting" professions in the area of education or health care are still "the woman's domain".

Very often women do not take into account the financial effects of their decision. Because, despite legal regulations designed to assure equal opportunities and equal payment for work of equal value, it still goes today: Professions normally exercised by men are considerably better paid.

For this reason, one of the concerns of EQ-Train is to contribute to a raising of awareness on a broad scale and to connect all the main actors in the areas of education and training, labour market and equal treatment, in order to foster cooperation.

New initiatives for vocational orientation

EQ-Train Offers and Activities

The project EQ-Train aims at imparting knowledge concerning (un)fairness in income as well as at trying out innovative methods of training for vocational counselling and orientation.
A three-day-seminar for trainers and counsellors took place April 19.-21.2010 in Vienna.

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The project partners of EQ-Train work at compiling an information folder and an Online-Quiz centring on the topic Equal Pay, which will be designed in six languages for use in vocational orientation as well as in awareness raising.

The EQ-Train Newsletter regularly informs on the topics vocational orientation and Equal Pay as well as on the project's activities and results.

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The international final conference took place on June 29, 2010 in the premises of the European Union in Vienna. Information on the situation regarding Equal Pay in the countries of the partner:

Czech Republic
Slovac Republic